• Nick Sorrentino

1/4 of new jobs in Illinois were in the government (The state has no money)

Leave if you can.

Let's see. Now what's the best path to growth in an economy? Run up massive amounts of debt, tax the productive private sector at unsustainable rates, promise outlandish pension benefits to government employees, and then hire a whole bunch more government employees who will create an even larger burden on the private productive sector?

No, that's probably not a good idea. But that's Illinois for you. Lots of bad thinking and politicians seem to come out of that island of disfunction in the middle of the country.

(From The Illinois News Network)
“This imbalance between the growth rates is not healthy,” Glennon said. “If government is growing faster than the private sector, we’ve got a problem.”
He said Illinois’ growth in manufacturing coincides with President Donald Trump's economic policies designed to improve the country’s manufacturing sector, but in Illinois, the growth of government jobs still outpaces manufacturing growth.
IDES said most of the new government jobs over the past 12 months, most were from local governments. There were 1,400 new state government jobs, but 1,100 fewer federal government jobs.

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