• Nick Sorrentino

8 surprising times our intel community spied on US citizens

It might be surprising to most folks but likely not many of our readers. Still this is worth a read. Ms. Attkisson does good work, particularly in this area.

It is truly sad that we have let Big Brother expand as we have. We over reacted after September 11th, 2001, now 2 decades ago, and the abuses have just gotten worse.

(From The Hill)
Alleged surveillance abuses by officials in the U.S. intelligence community are under investigation by an inspector general, Congress and the Justice Department. It’s impossible to yet know whether the probes will conclude there were policy, ethical or criminal violations. But it’s worth reviewing some important background.
In January 2018, Congress renewed the controversial law that allows U.S. intel agencies to surveil American citizens on U.S. soil without a court warrant. A majority of Democrats and Republicans reportedly favored adding new privacy safeguards. But surprisingly, shortly before the vote, party leaders instructed members to reject the safeguards — and so they did.

We have a 4th Amendment still in this country. Why is it that it is being ignored? Or more importantly how is it that the courts have allowed this to happen?

Click here for the article and the 8 "surprising" instances.