• Nick Sorrentino

A Jewish Republican accused a Muslim Democrat of anti-Semitism, she accused him of Islamophobia

This is going to become a bigger and bigger issue in the years ahead. And it's likely not going to be GOP jews vs Dem muslims in the future. The area of cleavage will be within the Democratic Party. It will be interesting (from a political perspective) to watch.

(From Roll Call)
“Your anti-Semitic & anti-Israel hate is strong & wrong & those terrorists have US blood on their hands as well,” Zeldin wrote to Omar.
He then tweeted at her with the attached voicemail from a constituent who said that Jews have systematically “murdered” and “enslaved” black people and were improperly occupying Palestine.
“This new VM just came into my office. @IlhanMN, this is just another day in my world as an American Jew in Congress. Would love to know what part of this hate filled, anti-Semitic rant you disagree with? I disagree with all of it. Do you?

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