• Nick Sorrentino

A Neocon Journal Dies, It's Official: Weekly Standard to shut down

The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol's neoconservative magazine is soon to be no more. The publication took an overtly anti-Trump stance and its audience abandoned it. Times changed but the magazine did not. As such it passess into the mists of wonk history.

Few tears will be shed outside of The Weekly Standard's offices at its passing. There are none here.

We will say however that The Weekly Standard did often do good work despite it's neoconservative tendencies.

(From The Hill)
Editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes sent a note to employees referencing difficulties maneuvering the Trump presidency in announcing the magazine and news site would close.
"This is a volatile time in American journalism and politics," he wrote in the note obtained by CNN. "Many media outlets have responded to the challenges of the moment by prioritizing affirmation over information, giving into the pull of polarization and the lure of clickbait."

No, that wasn't it. Your contempt for middle America did you in.