• Nick Sorrentino

A world gone nuts: Thousands in NYC Protest Trump Firing of Sessions

You know the country is out of kilter when 6000 New York City "progressives" spill into the street to protest the firing of an Alabama Republican former senator (and now former AG) who many of these same people basically called a klansman just 2 years before. THIS is America today. Dems are so afraid that Trump is slipping away from them that they are now going to bat for an Attorney General they demonized as a backward hick mercilessly.

Sessions shouldn't have recused himself. He might even admit that over a glass of cherry soda now. The Mueller investigation has been a long and tedious ordeal that to date hasn't produced really anything of note, and which has already ranged outside of its mandate.

But the Democrats want to find something, anything, that they can pin on the President to embarrass him (because they can't in all likelihood ever remove him). They want Mueller to go after tax returns and whatever else he can. Anything to "get" Trump as Maxine Waters has said.

The thing is, the country has been very indulgent with regard to Mueller. If there's something connected to Russia present it. If not, it's time to close up shop. Sorry Dems.

(From NBC)
"Jeff Sessions was fired as attorney general, and we strongly believe it's part of a larger plan to start discrediting the Mueller investigation," said one organizer, Shannon Stagman.  
Firing Sessions has potentially ominous implications for special counsel Robert Mueller's probe given that the new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, until now Sessions' chief of staff, has questioned the inquiry's scope and spoke publicly before joining the Justice Department about ways an attorney general could theoretically stymie the investigation.

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