• Nick Sorrentino

Single-Payer Health Care (socialized medicine) is a bad idea

It is true that our health care system is annoying and confusing. Pricing is hidden. One never has any idea what a procedure is going to cost. One day, in the mail, we get a bill that is clear as tar. And we have no recourse. Don't pay and the hospital collections agency will soon be en route. It's enough to tempt the average person into the black hole that is "single payer". That our healthcare system is the way that it is, to the degree that bureaucracy and opacity choke it, is largely because of government and not the market. This is often (willfully) not understood by the pro-government run healthcare folks. It is because market forces have been so restricted in healthcare in this country for so long that we have many of the challenges we have.

(From Reason)
"Who pays for it?" asks Chris Pope, "And that's really not a rights question."
Pope studies health care systems for the Manhattan Institute. In my newest video, Pope explains that although many Americans think that Canada and most of Europe have single-payer systems, that's not really true...
...But Canada, England, Norway, Cuba, and a few other countries do have genuine single-payer. I'm constantly told that it works well—people get good care and never have to worry about a bill. They spend less on health care and live longer.
Pope says that claim is naive.

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