• Nick Sorrentino

Alibaba’s Jack Ma — Asia’s richest man — is a communist, Chinese media reveals

Let's see, he hails from China, the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, which is run by the Communist Party. That Ma is a memeber should not surprise us. Of course that's his official affiliation. How could it not be?

Whether he reads Mao's Little Red Book in the bathroom is another question.

(From Marketwatch)
China’s state-backed media revealed Monday that the Alibaba Group founder and chairman is officially a member of the Communist Party. Ma is the richest individual in Asia, with about a $35.8 billion fortune, according to Forbes, and Alibaba BABA, -1.35%   is an internet juggernaut worth about $390 billion.
Ma’s political affiliation had never been publicly confirmed, and came as a surprise to some.

We don't see how it could be, but it is interesting that this affiliation is being officially announced now.

All power to the tech titans!