• Nick Sorrentino

Almost the entire Cuban national soccer team defects in Florida

Meanwhile there's a gaggle of the uninformed in this country (There has been since the 60s really) calling for Cuba-like policies in the USA. Perhaps these soccer players should school them.

(From Babalú Blog)
So far CONCACAF has not confirmed these defections. Sources tell Around the Rings that the players left the team in three separate groups last week and are still likely in Florida in the care of friends or relatives.
The massive defection happened 10 years after the previous similar instance when seven Cuban players and a coach remained in Tampa after the CONCACAF championship ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

These players must be confused. We're sure that once they see that America is a country without nationalized healthcare (like Cuba), without universal employment (like Cuba), and without "free" college education (like Cuba) they'll be on the next flight back to Havana.

Or maybe not.