• Nick Sorrentino

Amazon is recording you, and yes the cops have access to these recordings

But hey, if you aren't doing anything wrong no need to worry right?

In a time when data storage is virtually free nearly everything is recorded. But "smart speakers" record everyday family life. They sit in our living rooms quietly doing their thing. Helping us with recipes and traffic. Perhaps changing the TV channel. Finding medical advice online. Helping you get your herpes prescription from the pharmacy. Er...I mean your erectile dysfunction medication....Er...I mean...

From Tech Crunch
A New Hampshire judge has ordered Amazon to turn over two days of Amazon Echo recordings in a double murder case.
Prosecutors believe that recordings from an Amazon Echo in a Farmington home where two women were murdered in January 2017 may yield further clues to their killer. Although police seized the Echo when they secured the crime scene, any recordings are stored on Amazon servers.
The order granting the search warrant, obtained by TechCrunch, said that there is “probable cause to believe” that the Echo picked up “audio recordings capturing the attack” and “any events that preceded or succeeded the attack.”
Amazon is also directed to turn over any “information identifying any cellular devices that were linked to the smart speaker during that time period,” the order said.

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