• Nick Sorrentino

Amazon parks next to the Pentagon in Arlington. Military Industrial Complex expands

President Eisenhower was right about the Military Industrial Complex, which he feared was becoming too powerful in the wake of World War 2 and as The Cold War stretched out ahead of him. He saw the emergence of the giant defense contractors and he knew the risk these firms posed to the country.

Amazon, which started selling books online out of a warehouse in Seattle just 20 years ago is already part of the Military Industrial Complex. With it's new location in Crystal City it is expanding (farther) into the very lucrative taxpayer funded Defense contracting game.

Sure, it already has a cloud deal with the CIA, and other contracts with the military, but there are even bigger projects to be a part of and much more money to be made.

(From The USA Today)
“This move makes it pretty clear that [Amazon founder Jeff] Bezos wants Amazon to be more embedded with the military,” says Steve Vogel, who has authored a history of the Pentagon. That’s in contrast to some other Silicon Valley companies, most notably Google, whose executives were pressured by employees to end the company’s affiliation with the Department of Defense. Amazon employees are unlikely to similarly persuade Bezos. “If big tech companies are going to turn their back on U.S. Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble,” the Amazon founder said at a summit hosted by Wired magazine last month.

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