• Nick Sorrentino

'An increasing number of (Democrats) are settling on the conclusion that Obama was a bad president.'

An extremely good case can be made that Obama is one of the few failed presidents who was reelected. His one signature "achievement", Obamacare, has been gutted in large part. His foreign policy looks increasingly wrong headed with the passage of time. But, was he a "bad" president?

For those of us who believe in free markets and free minds he was clearly terrible. But Democratic critics of Obama are, or at least have been, almost nonexistent. Perhaps that is changing however as the Democratic base becomes more radicalized.

(From Zerohedge)
Obama was an establishment man at the end of the day, after campaigning as a revolutionary that would end wars and "change" the status quo (powered of course by mass quantities of "hope"). He sold himself as a disruptive phenomenon, then bombed seven countries and cobbled together an unsustainable healthcare plan destined to fail. 

Now it's not just the libertarians saying this.

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