• Nick Sorrentino

And this is why we can't have nice things: GA Candidate for Gov rails against free market

This is of concern. Stacy Abrams may be Georgia's next governor and she is openly hostile to free markets, that is market reality.

Markets are like gravity. They just ARE. They emerge naturally. Supply and demand are not just arbitrary constructs conjured by humans. They are yin and yang. Markets are ebb and flow.

But some people do not like this natural order of things. In fact, it has been your editor's experience that some people really resent it. So instead of working within market reality some think they can bend the economy and society to their will.

And these people are partially correct. For a period of time, using the force of government, certain aspects of a free market can be suppressed and/or manipulated. Eventually however nature finds a way. The Soviet Union learned this and so has pretty much every socialist endeavor. (Yes, including in the Nordic countries which have been liberalizing for years.) Fight economic reality at your peril, as economic reality will always win in the end.

(From The National Review)
“And I am sick and tired of hearing about the free market being the solution to this problem because I’ve never seen the free market write a prescription in rural Georgia,” Abrams said. “I mean, I’ve never seen the free market show up and give someone Metformin so they can have a little bit of control of their diabetes before it turns into an amputation of their foot.

You're right Ms. Adams, now let's discuss why it is that diabetes is so rampant in many poor communities. Could it be that sugary treats, soda, and cheap breads are propped by the government? Could it be welfare helps perpetuate disease in some respects? And do these medicines just pop into existence without that horrible profit motive?

A (potential) leader who actively opposes market reality, who doesn't understand the basic concept of supply and demand, is a very dangerous thing.

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