• Nick Sorrentino

Another mainstream conservative banned from Twitter, "New low"

It's sad to see what is happening in social media now. All of the major outlets have felt severe pressure from "progressive" and generally anti-speech, pro-political correctness activists. Many of these companies, Google, Facebook, Twitter, are full of anti-speech social justice warrior, authoritarian type people anyway so the pressure often comes from within.

The 2016 election was such a shock to the far Left that an all out effort to silence dissenting voices has been pretty much ongoing since Trump entered the White House. Basically we are seeing censorship by corporation. Just as the old media is "corporate Left", so too is social media, sadly. The Internet was supposed to be a free space, remember that?

Technically the platforms can do what they want. However, there is a deep authoritarian vibe in cyberspace these days and that isn't good for the Republic, or the world at large. Political correctness isn't about being polite. It about draconian control.

(From The Hill)
Jesse Kelly, an Iraq War veteran and former GOP congressional candidate, has been banned from Twitter for unspecified reasons, sparking outrage from conservatives...
...Kelly, 37, predicted back in August that he would eventually be banned from Twitter.
“They just knew [Alex] Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run” wrote Kelly in The Federalist. “Next they’re coming for you.” 

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