• Nick Sorrentino

Are so called "conservative" states just more sane than "liberal" ones?

We are not a big fans of the terms "liberal" and "conservative" as they are typically used in this country. But having said this it is interesting to us that the most "conservative" states (according to attached pic) tend not to be fiscal basket cases and generally seem to be more "sane" than the most "liberal" states. (No Facebook or Oracle in Wyoming though we'll grant you.)

This is not to absolve "conservative states" of their many issues. But one does not see the massive pension short falls like the giant one (trillions?) in California which is kept off the books, or Illinois, or many other "liberal" states.

It is exhausting to watch the more "liberal" parts of the USA march off into oblivion - because we're (the more "conservative" states) are attached to these states. It's like being related to a profligate sibling or something. There is no end. Then sometimes refugees from "liberal" states come to the more "conservative" states because things are generally nicer, with lower taxes. But then these refugees bring the policies that screwed up their homes to the places to which they've moved. This is certainly the case in my home of Virginia (my town is full of Cali and Northeasterner refugees). It's the same story in NC, TX, CO, and AZ.

If you wish to come where it's warmer, less crowded, where the property taxes won't break you, and where you can start a businesses without being regulated to death, please consider seriously about converting to a smaller government disposition. There's a reason why people are leaving California, and Illinois, and New York, let's not turn the rest of the country into the type of place from which you have sought refuge.

*Louisiana is not "sane" it seems to us.

** For the record we have a deep love for California where we spent some of our formative years. Much of California remains sane but it is dominated by the coasts.

***We also love New York, by which we mean dense, regulated, crowded Manhattan. But reality is reality.

****"Conservative" is supposed to mean small government. As such any state that supposedly values liberty and freedom should have no business continuing cannabis prohibition. This is one area where many of the "conservative" states have fallen short and one where the more "liberal" states have generally done the right thing. (Though they keep taxing pot to the point of absurdity.)