• Nick Sorrentino

As Dems lurch toward fringe left the GOP is pleased

Well they should be. They had little to hang their hats on after the last election and then Ms. Ocasio Cortez and company came on the scene.

The Green New Deal is not only extreme, and unwise, it is basically a total disconnect from reality and everyday voters seem to see this. We argued that Ms. Ocasio Cortez was likely to be a gift to Republicans. Right now it appears that she has been and likely will continue to be.

(From McClatchy)
President Donald Trump set the tone in his State of the Union address two weeks ago: “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” Republicans have been quick to carry the message forward, using Democrats words and actions against them.
Led by self-proclaimed socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the party unveiled its “Green New Deal,” pledging economic security for every person, even those “unwilling” to work. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota caused an uproar by reaching for an overused trope and suggesting Jewish people were buying off lawmakers. She later apologized. New York state approved legislation making it easier for a woman to have an abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Even on immigration, where Democrats got Trump to back off his bid for a wall, Democrats lost the public relations battle by insisting on a cap on detention beds.
Republicans are giddy.

Don't get too giddy folks. That is always a mistake. If the Democrats continue down the road on which they are currently the GOP is likely to look pretty good to most reasonable people come 2020. However to assume anything with regard to voters would be a mistake.