• Nick Sorrentino

Atlanta Spent $23 Million Building a Pedestrian Bridge for the Super Bowl That Pedestrians Can't Use

It's not JUST that taxpayer money was wasted. It is that some contractor somewhere got paid a pile of money for a useless bridge. They got the hook up. A hook up that Atlanta taxpayers paid for. Give money to government and it will be abused.That is an iron rule of taxation.

(From Reason)
The serpentine bridge—decked out with dazzling, customizable LED lights and wrapped with diamond-shaped aluminum panels—did indeed get finished in time for the Super Bowl.
But it won't be used by the vast majority of the expected 80,000 people heading to the game on Sunday. Because of it's location adjacent to the stadium, the bridge has been deemed a security risk and will be closed to everyone except credentialed staff and media, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this week.

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