• Nick Sorrentino

Barr has been confirmed as AG, Promised in writing to leave marijuana (mostly) alone

William Bar is the new Attorney General. This is another win for Trump but the Senate's champion of liberty Rand Paul voted against confirmation. One should remember that Rand voted against Brennan's confirmation as head of the CIA which was prescient. Regardless, William Barr is now head of the Department of Justice and he appears to be at least heading in the right direction on at least one very important issue.

The problem is some of the other stuff. You know, like warrantless surveilling of US citizens. Little things like that.

(From Forbes)
Now, in response to written questions from senators, Barr is putting that pledge on paper, in black and white. He's also calling for the approval of more legal growers of marijuana for research, and is acknowledging that a recent bill legalizing hemp has broad implications for sale of cannabis products.
"As discussed at my hearing, I do not intend to go after parties who have complied with state law in reliance on the Cole Memorandum," he wrote, referring to Obama-era cannabis enforcement guidance that then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded last year.
That said, Barr isn't committing to formally replacing the Cole Memo, which generally directed federal prosecutors not to interfere with state marijuana laws, with new guidance reiterating the approach.

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