• Nick Sorrentino

Ben & Jerry’s embraces Linda Sarsour in launch of new “Resist” ice cream

Seriously what the heck is wrong with the crunchy old people in this country? They have lost their minds. Ms. Sarsour, a George Soros mouthpiece should be shunned, not embraced.

But that's a market for you. And it is a beautiful thing. Ben and Jerry's thinks this is a good marketing move. And perhaps it is. Let's just say that we'll bet that many people who are inclined toward housing quarts of ice cream at a sitting are inclined toward attending "woman's marches".

Come to think of it, the new flavor is actually capitalist genius.

One last thing though. Resist? Resist what? We have our many problems with Trump but it was the Trump voters who were doing the resisting. Hillary and Obama and the swamp are/were the status quo.

(From Legal Insurrection)

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