• Nick Sorrentino

Bernie Bucks (And Annoys) Democrats, Will Give His Own Response to Trump SOTU Speech

The Democrats want to highlight the recently defeated Stacy Abrams in the rebuttal and they don't like that Bernie is going to give his own rebuttal after hers.

Too bad.

The more voices the better. Bernie, for all of his economic incorrectness, does legitimately irritate the Democratic Party establishment. And that is only a good thing.

The "official" Dems loathe him in many respects. They blame him, and sexism, and the Russians, and the deplorables, for Hillary Clinton's loss. One mid level Dem operative that we know just could not believe the odasity of the old man from Vermont in 2018. It was Hillary's turn. How dare he.

Well, he dares again. And though we won't agree with much the guy says, we're glad he's saying it.

(From The Hill)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will deliver his own response to President Trump's speech to Congress on Tuesday for the third year running.

The senator's office confirmed to The Hill that his response will follow Trump's State of the Union address as well as the Democratic rebuttal and be streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.