• Nick Sorrentino

Big govt Republicans/Microsoft target alternative media including Drudge, Daily Mail

The idea is one that has been employed by the old media for a very long time. If there is a topic the establishment does not want to talk about, it just simply blots the topic from the conversation. If the public never hears the opposing viewpoint, then it is perceived by many that there isn't an opposing viewpoint. And if an opposing viewpoint can be strangled financially then all the better. That's what we see here.

These people don't fear "fake news". They fear the truth.

(From Breitbart)
The effect isn’t merely to silence pro-Trump media. It also ensures advertisers don’t market their products to Trump voters, causing them to rely less and less on consumers in the heartland, and more on progressive consumers who read establishment news sources. The ultimate result: corporations cater their products and “corporate values” even more to the latter, and not at all to the former.

You people in Missouri? You hicks. You don't count anyway.

“I guess the counter-argument to what you’re doing is, well, this is a bunch of establishment people deciding they like establishment websites,” said (Bill) Kristol.
It’s more than that — it’s also a bunch of establishment people deciding they don’t like anti-establishment websites, and wanting to wage financial warfare against them.

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