• Nick Sorrentino

Bloomberg asks why people are 'fleeing' NYC, LA, and Chicago

The Answer:

Because they can.

Seriously. People look around and it's crowded. Business is over taxed and over regulated. It's never quiet. The sun just barely peaks through the urban canyons in some places. Crime is higher. And the cost of living is MUCH higher. It's dirty.

In a world where most white collar people can work from a computer at home why live in the city? It makes little sense.

Cities are unnatural. Humans are not supposed to be packed on top of one another. We are not engineered to live like bees.

(From Bloomberg)
On the flip side, more than 208,000 residents left the New York City metropolitan area last year. This was nearly twice as many as the second biggest loser, Los Angeles, which had a decline of nearly 110,000. Chicago fell by 85,000. Honolulu, San Jose, New York and Bridgeport, CT lost the highest shares of their residents to other parts of the country.

Notice that each of these cities is controlled by urban political machines. The big government politicians kill these places.