• Nick Sorrentino

Blue ripple? Any wave at all? Dems concerned about mid terms

A few weeks ago it was asked whether the Kavanaugh hearings were the Democrat's Waterloo. That remains to be seen. If the Democrats lose the mid-terms AND lose in 2020 then that is possible, and would represent a fundamental political shift in the country.

But the Dems may not lose the mid-terms. We've been told for the past year that the Dems have it sewn up. We were told this after the elections in Virginia in 2017 (which went largely for the Democrats), and then again when Paul Ryan announced that he was going to resign. There have been other instances too. Trump in the eyes of many Democrats is highly unlikeable and so what they feel must translate to the public at large. Right? It must. Trump's an idiot...Right? C'mon America we can't hear you....

But there is quiet concern seeping into the Democrat camp. 2016 couldn't happen again could it?

The money is still on it NOT happening but just barely so.

From The Hill
At the same time, there are real reasons for Democrats to fret over their chances given President Trump’s rising approval ratings, fallout from the fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation fight and a strong economy the White House has taken credit for delivering...
...Democrats have led Republicans on the generic congressional ballot in virtually every public poll conducted over the past year, and an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey released Monday gave the party a 9-point lead over the GOP in the race to control Congress.

See Democrats, nothing to worry about.

Or is there?

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