• Nick Sorrentino

Brazil's foreign minister: Climate change is a marxist plot

In another space your editor recently said this with regard to David Attenborough's recent warning to the UN that the world is on the edge of collapse due to 'climate change'.

"I consider myself an environmentalist and identify myself as such publicly. But so much of the environmental movement is (soft) totalitarian in nature. Many enviros would gladly (sadly) give up human dignity for the "Earth". The embrace of the state really makes me think that many of the folks who call themselves "green" are reds on the inside. (Watermelons) I mean, people believe what Attenborough has to say. They are all in. It's rediculous. Civilization isn't on the "edge of collapse". This is a tired ruse that has been used for a couple hundred years at this point. Doom is always around the bend and we must be saved by our "leaders" because YOU are too dumb to understand."

To the degree that Mr. Araújo, the new Brazilian foreign minister understands the above we can't really argue. There ARE those who would love to use 'climate change' as an excuse for regulating nearly everything. (Actually probably everything.) There are those who see 'climate change' as excuse for implementing socialism. It's perfect. 'Climate change' is a 'crisis' (it's not) that transcends borders. As such international groups have to handle the response of course. This erodes state sovereignty, which is a key goal generally of international socialism. So I guess the foreign minister does have a very legitimate point.

For the record we are not saying that global warming isn't happening. We are saying that it is not an epic crisis and that it should not be and must not be used to further disempower the individual. Can you imaging regulation on a planetary basis? Let's just say that things would not be good for the US and anything that looks remotely like a free society.

The Guardian frets;

Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has chosen a new foreign minister who believes climate change is part of a plot by “cultural Marxists” to stifle western economies and promote the growth of China.

That is actually not completely off. The Paris Climate Accord did penalize the developed world, particularly the USA, but allowed China to spew as much carbon as it wanted for decades to come. In other words, China gained a huge competitive advantage with the Paris accords. Trump was absolutely correct to have backed out of the deal. One of his best decisions actually.

Again The Guardian wrings its hands;

The incendiary rhetoric echoes that of Bolsonaro, who won last month’s presidential election with about 57.7m votes. The former army captain has since moved to put in place one of the world’s most far-right administrations and promised to align Brazil more closely to Trump and the US.

The thing is "far right" is a relative thing. The 2 previous presidents (aside from the caretaker) were legitimate communist types, and even Marxist guerrillas before going 'legit'. So relative to those folks I suppose Bolsonaro is "far right". But The Guardian also thought Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were "far right". Just because a leader is resisting the Davos Man system doesn't make him or her "far right". The establishment is Left. The anti-establishment is, even though we despise the "Left-Right paradigm", perhaps what can be called "right". Really the 'anti-globalists' represent the ACTUAL resistance in many respects. Much of the world doesn't want to live in a politically centralized world manipulated by a few self appointed technocrats. Sorry. We don't think you know what you're doing, and to the degree that you do it's probably a bad thing for the world.