• Nick Sorrentino

Broward Sheriff to be Removed by FL Governor Over Response to Parkland Shooting

It's about time. That whole situation in Florida last year was one massive mistake and abdication of responsibility after another, arguably from the FBI right on down to the school administration. But Israel was probably the weakest (and most important) link.

(From The Miami New Times)
The sheriff has come under intense criticism for his agency’s abysmal response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year, for false public statements, and for his failure to accept any responsibility for BSO’s performance.
After the shooting, Israel wrote in a letter to Gov. Rick Scott that BSO school resource officer Scott Peterson, who was allowed to resign after the shooting, was the only deputy at Stoneman Douglas while shots were being fired. A simple check of radio transmissions, however, showed several deputies responding to the school failed to go inside while gunshots sounded.

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