• Nick Sorrentino

Busybody Bloomberg is a afraid of weed, This guy wants to be president?

Michael Bloomberg is a control guy. (Some might call him a freak. We'd never do that though. No way.) He hates sugar, he hates guns (for you), he hates weed, he hates (it sure appears) liberty. It's like he's the head of the New York City homwowners association or something. Plus he has money and he wants to be the American Homeowners Association president come 2020. He wants to rule.

You see, you are too dumb to run your own life. People like him need to run your life for you. Frankly you "average" people are barely better than animals anyway.

This guy is so used to people bowing to him he doesn't realize that bowing is not what most Americans do. Also in a free country they can smoke pot.

(From Reason)
As he considers a 2020 run for the Democratic presidential nomination, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is continuing to defend his controversial positions on several issues. Speaking yesterday at the United States Naval Academy's 2019 Leadership Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, Bloomberg explained why he opposes marijuana legalization and still believes "stop and frisk" was a good idea.
Bloomberg's stances aren't anything new. But they're a good reminder that, as Reason's Scott Shackford argued in October, the possible presidential candidate is no lover of liberty.

To say the least. We'd argue that he is an ENEMY of liberty.

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