• Nick Sorrentino

CA charges people who brought recycling materials into the state from AZ with felony fraud

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

This is a weird story. 3 people in Arizona collected trash from Arizona then drove it to California where the state pays a premium for such materials in the name of "saving the environment". But because the trash came from Arizona and was not subject to a California surcharge on the front end (at purchase) these people are likely to go to jail? What?

As a friend puts it, these people collected trash that was just as harmful to the planet as trash on the other side of the border, and acted on an incentive created by the ever so wise regulators in Cali to manipulate the refuse market, and we're supposed to be not only surprised but happy these folks are going to the clink for "fraud"?

I'm sorry. If California is really concerned about recycling it should be HAPPY it got a little extra trash. These people are helping the planet even beyond California. This isn't fraud it's environmental stewardship. Do the regulators in California think that California is its own planet? (It is in some respects, but not in this case.) That it's a closed system? Of course people are going to import water bottles if the state pays above the market rate. Buy low, sell in California. The state shouldn't have created the incentive if it didn't want extra plastic bottles. Really what does it matter if one is legitimately trying to "save" the Earth?

(From The Merced Sun Star)
Miguel Bustillos, owner of Bustillos’ Trucking, truck driver Anthony Sanchez and “suspected broker” Amaury Avila-Medina have been charged with felony recycling fraud, conspiracy and grand theft, the result of a five-month investigation by the California attorney general’s office, CalRecycle and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
“California’s recycling program is one of many publicly-funded programs used to incentivize better treatment of our environment and communities. Those who choose to undercut these efforts to protect and improve our community will be apprehended,” Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement announcing the bust.

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