• Nick Sorrentino

CBS’s Lara Logan Calls Media ‘Mostly Liberal’ in Interview: I’m Committing 'Professional Suicide'

It's funny that this is professional suicide given that everyone KNOWS that the old media, legacy media, whatever one wants to call it is extremely "liberal". But if one is in the buisness one just can't SAY it.

(From Mediaite)
“Visually, anyone who’s ever been to Israel and been to the Wailing Wall has seen that the women have this tiny little spot in front of the wall to pray, and the rest of the wall is for the men. To me, that’s a great representation of the American media, is that in this tiny little corner where the women pray you’ve got Breitbart and Fox News and a few others, and from there on, you have CBS, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Politico, whatever, right? All of them.
And that’s a problem for me, because even if it was reversed, if it was vastly mostly on the right, that would also be a problem for me. My experience has been that the more opinions you have, the more ways that you look at everything in life.”

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