• Nick Sorrentino

CEI calls on NBC to stop censorship of climate dissidents

Gee, it's almost like the very powerful Mike Bloomberg doesn't want to be bothered with defending his position. It's almost like he's trying to prep the rhetorical beaches for a presidential run or something.

The old media has long been in the business of blacking out viewpoints the small group of executives, editors, and producers in New York, DC, and LA who constitute the establishment media disagree with. Indeed, that there are alternative media (and increasingly less alternative) at all drives this relatively small group nuts, as it was the old media that for a long time determined the political agenda.

The big government people who run CNN, and NBC, and CBS, and The New York Times, and the Washington Post, and NPR don't want some ideas to see the light of day because if these new ideas come to be understood by the broader public their positions as opinion makers are greatly diminished. This is a big part in the whole "fake news" push by the old media. Though there are/were/will be instances of "fake news", that is disinformation for obfuscation sake, the main driver behind the old media freakout was that they were losing marketshare to people who had different priorities than the folks who sit in New York, DC, and LA.

That's what we see here with the NBC blackout.

There is an effort by the PR people who align with a big government philosophy to deny "climate deniers" (one of the dumbest terms of the past 5 years or so) a "platform" to air their views. The idea is to keep certain information from the public so that the public can be increasingly nudged toward the hyper-regulatory, high tax, highly centralized, left corporate worldview the old media generally prefer. Companies like NBC want to keep people from seeing all sides of the climate equation because NBC and company are sick of having to make their case. They just want to start regulating and taxing. NBC (like much of left-corporate America) has chosen a direction. They don't want climate dissidents screwing up their big corporate direction.

Well, sorry. You have to make your case and you will have to CONTINUE to make your case. The science is not "settled". There is LOTS of room for debate.

But some in the media fear they might LOSE the climate debate. Best then not to engage any opponent at all and pretend the opponent doesn't exist. Perhaps the public will never get wise.

They tried that with Hillary