• Nick Sorrentino


Humans are supposed to eat meat. We are engineered to eat meat. Basically a good wad of beef plus plenty of greens is probably the ideal diet for most humans. Wheat however, and other grains, are probably not so good for us.

The truth is there are people who think that we shouldn't eat meat because they are morally opposed to eating meat, and they believe that we should all subscribe to their worldview. The attached article below is just the latest angle from the anti-meat crowd. Meat causes (they say) health costs that the central planners, you know like the behavioral economists who dreamed up Obamacare, can counteract with their "insight".


In my world a filet cooked with butter, some salt and pepper, and some nice crisp peppers is one of the great pleasures of life. Eating cows makes me a better person. Other people eating cows probably makes for a better world generally. And the indictments of meat in the attached article are dubious at very best.

(From CNN)
Researchers concluded that the UK government should introduce a tax of 79% on processed meat such as bacon, and 14% on unprocessed meat such as steak.
In the US these numbers would be 163% and 34% respectively. "The tax is higher in the US due to an inefficient health system that wastes a lot of money," said Springmann.

This smells like baloney to me. So the rich would still eat well. The poor? They get gruel. But that's the world of central planners. Hey, the peasants are lucky the central planners let them eat at all.

By the way you know who the world's most famous vegetarian was? Hitler.

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