• Nick Sorrentino

Congresswoman Flees From Reporters Asking About "Impeach The Motherf**ker" Comment

One of the most annoying trends within the political correctness fad is the use of the "F" word casually. Many people, especially the pink hat crowd use the "F" word to virtue signal to fellow travelers. "See I am not subject to convention. I'm woke. I f-ing love saying f-ing because you know, I'm a "badass".

"Badass" is another word used particularly by virtue signaling pink hat people of the female gender. Every other cooking show on tv in 2018 had an "edgy" woman chef telling the camera how much of a "badass" she was. This chef almost invariably lost by the way.

If there is one thing that is absolutely true about badasses it is that they never call themselves badasses.

And generally one just looks like an idiot calling for the impeachment of Trump (For what? And it's not like you can remove him with a Republican senate anyway.) in such a crass and classless way. But in an era of Congresspeople trying to out virtue signal the other I suppose this is standard fare. - You know because the congresswoman is a "badass" or a "nasty woman" or whatever tired trope. We get it, you're part of the "resistance" because - you know - Trump.

By the way I love the picture above. She has the Washington DC "I'm important" thing going already at this point. Those are the WORST kinds of congresspeople.

(From Zerohedge)
Apparently defending herself in front of cameras is a bit too much for someone elected to shake things up.
Addressing Tlaib's comments during a Friday afternoon press conference, President Trump said "I thought her comments were disgraceful...I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family."

On this we'd agree with Trump. Too bad.

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