• Nick Sorrentino

Conservative Groups Targeted in Lois Lerner’s IRS Scandal Receive Settlement Checks

(From The Daily Signal)
“This is really a groundbreaking case. Hopefully it sets a precedent and will serve as a warning to government officials who further feel tempted to discriminate against U.S. citizens based on their viewpoints,” Edward Greim, attorney for Kansas City, Missouri-based Graves Garrett LLC told MacIver News Service.

We certainly hope so. Obama should not have persecuted these groups and likewise some conservative president shouldn't be able to persecute "liberal" groups in the future. (Though this would likely be more difficult given that the government establishment tends to be "liberal".)

It is worth noting that Lois Lerner (above) who led the IRS during this dark time got off scot free and enjoys a very healthy taxpayer funded pension.

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