• Nick Sorrentino

Cops to join middle class revolt against Macron in France?

You have to hand it to the "yellow vests" in France. The middle class has risen up in opposition to overtaxation and diminishing living standards and raised holy heck on the streets. These are taxpayers doing this, not black hooded "anarchists" (for the most part) living on the dole and with plenty of time on their hands. There's a reason the yellow vests take to the battle on the weekends. No this is a TEA Partyish movement with a French revolutionary zeal. Really quite a good combination in many respects.

And now the police, the "blue vests" are joining the protests? Their beef is not with overtaxation. They want more pay. (Which is of course paid for via taxes on others.) So things are getting more complicated.

Macron, young Davos man extraordinaire, is under siege from many angles and may remain so for a good while. (Or until he is removed.)

(From The Daily Mail)
The Alliance union said the government needed to invest in the country's police while urging a work slowdown on Wednesday to protest Mr Macron's planned cuts.  Alliance is encouraging officers to stay inside their stations and only to respond to emergency calls.  
They promised a 'black day for the police' and their own version of the 'gilets jaunes', the 'gilets bleus' or Blue Vests, according to the Local.