• Nick Sorrentino

Corporate Dems: Sen. Gillibrand gauges Wall Street executives’ interest in backing her

Well, well, let's just break out the old Hillary Clinton Rolodex here. Ok...Goldman Sachs? Check. JP Morgan? Check. The New York hedge fund community? Check.

(From CNBC)
Gillibrand has personally been working the phones and calling senior executives at Wall Street firms in recent weeks to see whether they would back her campaign if she jumps into the race, according to two senior business leaders who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Donors in the financial community helped back Gillibrand’s successful re-election bid last year. Her effort to connect with business leaders this time comes as she contemplates entering what will likely be an expensive and protracted Democratic primary.

The Democratic presidential primary is going to be fascinating to watch. There all sorts of weird cleavages on policy and message. Some candidates will run to Wall Street. Some will try to demonize Wall Street. Some will demonize Wall Street while happily taking Wall Street money. This is going to be fun.