• Nick Sorrentino

Costco sells out of 27-pound mac-and-cheese bucket with 20-year shelf life

27 POUNDS of mac and cheese that will last for 20 years. Yup, that's one side of America that can not be denied. A large portion of this country will eat practically anything if it tastes good. But how, HOW can 20 year old macaroni and cheese possibly taste good?

(From The New York Post)
Your comfort food prayers are answered, mac and cheese lovers.
Costco has blessed us with a 27-pound “Storage Bucket” of the ooey-gooey good stuff containing 180 servings. This gluttonous golden opportunity is helpfully listed under “Emergency Kits & Supplies” on the Costco website.
Oh, and don’t worry if you’re a single person eating for one — it’s got a two-decade shelf life.

And we wonder why diabetes and heart disease are at the levels they are.