• Nick Sorrentino

Crybullies, The Political Correctness Cult, and General Public Revulsion

The now discredited activist is banging a drum in the KID"S face for crying out loud.

It is odd that the PC brigades, people who obviously are far outside of the realm of reasonableness, are given as much deference as they get. The cult of political correctness, pushed by a compliant and fearful old media, and embodied by almost red guard style cultural revolution style tactics, is far too tolerated. It seems that most people know that the current absurd level of PC embraced a small but very noisy part of the population is at best nonsense and at worst a destructive and counter productive lie. But still it is tolerated, for fear of angering the cult.

Look around. Most people of various dispositions get along. We work together. We play sports together. We eat together. We often worship together. We often live next to one another. For the most part people just want to live their lives, to be respected, to make a living, and to be left alone.

However, there are those whose area of industry is intersectional outrage. Their "job" as they see it is to identify any perceived slight, bias, or just plain PC noncompliance. They are the thought police and they insist that the rest of the population, the population composed of reasonably functional people of various ethnic/gender/religious dispositions, who just want to get along with their neighbors and be left alone, be as outraged at everything as they are. Because if everyday people are not outraged the PC brigades are irrelevant. As such the people who reject hyper-ethno/gender sensitivity are the enemy of this group. A group which has found safe harbor in the well healed (and often lily white for the record) corners of academia and legacy media.

Common sense, simple respect, hard work, reality itself, are deeply challenging values to the perpetually outraged. The PC philosophy is built on sand and the PC brigades know it. This is the reason they insist that alternative viewpoints not even be heard. That "platforms" for their opponents must be denied. They fear open and honest debate because they know, deep down that they will lose. Reality has a funny way destroying cults

The past week has offered us a great study of the unreasonableness of PC adherents. I am of course speaking of the the rather silly, but deeply divisive video of the Covington kids and and the ADULT PC activists trying to create an incident.

The mere expression of a young man was enough to send some people into the stratosphere. That he was wearing a MAGA hat was unforgivable. That the child was making such an expression, an expression, in the face of an American Indian activist, well, clearly off with his Catholic, Trump loving, MAGA wearing, privileged head!

But it turned out once a more lengthy video surfaced, that the kids did nothing wrong. NOTHING. Yet some STILL can't give up the hatred they let into their hearts. They continued, and we saw this all over the Internet, to insist that the Covington kids were in the wrong.

How they can think this, after seeing the evidence, doesn't make sense. These people want to tghink a certain away, cult-like, and deny REALITY at this point.

The Covington kids were remarkably composed actually. At another website we wrote this;

What we see here with some/most of the people who still think the Covington kids were in the wrong, EVEN after supposedly watching the whole video, is just a flat out cognition haywire moment.
The kids did nothing wrong. The activists did do many things wrong and the activists were GROWN MEN. But still there are many who insist the kids were racist, or smug, or something. It makes no sense. That we indulge such willful ignorance from the PC brigades in corners of our society is truly sad.
There are some who think the act of defying the politically correct narrative in any way is tantamount to some kind of bizarro thought crime. That the politically correct people, with all their hate and intolerance and anti-intellectualism are actually in the "right". They truly believe that their postmodern ethno and gender obsessions are OK. Not only that that it's PROGRESS!
It's nuts but this is the religion for many people who feel a big hole in themselves these days. PC is their new meaning. Trump hate is an addiction, I am increasingly convinced with some people. It's like a large cult.
That these kids were at a pro-life rally annoys the PC cult. That these kids had MAGA hats on (which apparently is enough to send some people into fits for some reason) REALLY annoys them. That the people involved were mostly boys annoys them. That these boys were Catholic (sin of sins) annoys them. That these kids refused to flip out REALY REALY annoys them, because in their composure they outclassed the activists that were trying to create a fight - WITH CHILDREN.
Mostly there are people who just don't like that people like the Covington kids exist. And that is not OK. That sort of ugliness should not be indulged. So what if that kid had a MAGA hat on? The concept of "microagressions" is nonsense and a tool used to bully others. PC is also a tool for people who lack the ability to understand deeper societal issues I am absolutely convinced also. They don't want to understand. They want to be comforted in their perceived railing against - well at this point -reality. Because if reality comes in, their whole politically correct world collapses.

We have got to get past this outrage culture that has taken hold in some corners of society. We have got to evolve. Political correctness erodes common sense and it erodes a functioning society, which sadly is exactly what some PC cult adherents want.

And for you adults who know that the Covington kids did nothing wrong, but cling to your hatred of them regardless. Shame on you.