• Nick Sorrentino

Cuomo begs Amazon not to pull out of New York, Lambasts fellow Democrats

Cuomo is afraid that Amazon really is pulling out of its deal with the state and city of New York after facing serious opposition from some politicians including the Bill deBlasio, members of the New York Senate, and Rep. Ocassio-Cortez. The crony deal, and it is a sweet deal for Amazon, doesn't look as sweet now.

As we said before it strikes us as odd that Amazon picked Queens as a location in the first place. Yes, where there are big government politicians running the show the crony deals are often more generous, but with that "generosity" comes more involvement and "favors" asked down the road from politicians.

What we see here is the crony knife cutting both ways.

(From CNBC)
"This is typical of the way Amazon has handled this situation," he said. "If they're trying to extort New York through anonymous threats, they're showing that they're not a responsible corporate actor to begin with. ... If their view is we want your $3 billion or we're leaving, maybe they should leave."
Cuomo, on the other hand, sees Amazon as a critical piece in his vision for New York's economy.
"You want to diversify your economy? You don't want to just be Wall Street and finance?" Cuomo asked. "We need Amazon."

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