• Nick Sorrentino

De Blasio (The Red) heads to New Hampshire as he contemplates run for president

De Blasio is going to run for President. OK. Now there's a guy to which most of America can relate. A guy who raised money for the communist Sandinistas, who took his honeymoon in Cuba, who has openly discussed just taking property from owners in New York, this guy wants to become president.

(From Politico)
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is making moves toward a possible run for president, soliciting City Hall staffers with national political experience and preparing to travel to the early primary state of New Hampshire this week, several sources familiar with his plans told POLITICO.
After a visit to Harvard's Kennedy School to discuss his time as mayor this Thursday, de Blasio will travel the next morning to Nashua, N.H. There he will meet with Mayor Jim Donchess and may chat with locals at a diner, City Hall Communications Director Mike Casca confirmed.