• Nick Sorrentino

Dem friendly media try to take out Schultz, Blame him for investing? (That damn capitalist!)

Howard Schultz is the man the far left now fears almost more than anyone. The former CEO of Starbucks, who has said he may run as an independent for president suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of both the Democratic Party establishment, which desperately wants a feminist woman to square off with Trump, and the red wing of the left wing which basically wants a candidate who will usher in a socialist revolution from above.

Schultz is feared because he may be what many non-Trump voters want - a capable person, with business experience, who has a long track record of success, who is generally socially liberal, who is in most respects pretty middle of the road. He is what many voters, many Democratic voters want. And that is why the Democrat Party is unloading on Schultz via allies in the media right now.

The hope is the media salvos will tun him back before he gets a beachhead in the minds of moderate voters. The Democrats don't want a moderate. They want radical feminism, and Clinton was a radical feminist, as is Senator Warren, or red revolution that is counter to the very spirit of the country and it's founding principles. This is the direction of the modern Democratic Party and it is so far out in space that a very viable candidate like Howard Schultz is now being attacked. That is where the party is now. It is not mainstream in any sense. But this radical group IS deeply lodged within the old media. So the radicals to some degree punch above their weight.

(From Politico)
Schultz, a co-founder of the venture capital group Maveron, invested in the Minnesota-based university in 2003 and exited when the online institution went public in 2006, according to an analysis of federal records, press releases and Maveron’s website.

Oh no! He invested in a "for profit" college. Good. We hope so. Education needs to be deeply reformed in this country, particularly higher education. And we're not talking about tax payer funded college for everyone. Quite the opposite. The cost of college will not come down until the federal student aid programs are reined in. But that's a different discussion.

The article goes on to attack the very idea of profit and then continues to tout Kamala Harris as some crusader against for profit colleges, which is to say crusading FOR the establishment university system that continues to exploit students and taxpayers. But many of the radical wing of the Democratic Party are lodged within the status quo educations system so this should be expected.

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