• Nick Sorrentino

Dem lawmaker announces plans to propose bill requiring breathalyzers in new vehicles

The nannystaters never stop. They want to regulate very single aspect of life. Everything must be touched by government. Everything must be meddled with. It's a soft form of totalitarianism. But over time this "soft' totalitarianism accumulates and calcifies into just plane old nasty totalitarianism.

This proposal is being floated in the name of safety. But it reflects a misunderstanding of the balance in a free society between freedom and risk. We should not have to blow into a computer in our car just so we can operate our property.

(From The Hill)
Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) is planning to introduce a bill next week that would require all new vehicles sold in the U.S. to come equipped with an interlocking breathalyzer device.
The breathalyzer device would force drivers to test their blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels before being able to start the car.

Consider the way this congresswoman couches her proposal. It is not reasonable.

“If we can keep one person from dying on the roads and make people think twice before getting behind the wheel when they shouldn’t — even when they’re buzzed and think they are OK — can’t we say we’ve been successful?” 

No. That is incorrect. There is no way to reduce all risk in life. Indeed is that even something we'd want? The incident that triggered this proposal was horrible. But that does not mean we should be blowing into a breathalyzer before we can drive ourselves to work. That's far beyond the proper roll of government. And this is without even mentioning the added cost tacked onto new cars with such a device.