• Nick Sorrentino

Dems change House rules so they can make raising your taxes easier

"I will take all of your "crumbs" back!"

One of the reasons we at The Sorrentino came to embrace libertarianism so many years ago was the belief that people should be able to keep the fruits of their labor. The people and businesses that make the money know best how to spend their money. Better it go to new equipment, hiring, and distributions to stockholders than to the vast government bureaucracy. To be clear, paying ones taxes in full is not an option. One must pay them, that is just the way the world works. But, we are taxed a hell of a lot in this country and many of us would live better lives if we weren't saddled with the tax bills we are. More of our children could go to private colleges. More of us could start businesses. More of us would have money for healthcare and groceries. More of us might be able to simply take the kids to the movies.

That's why when we hear of politicians even contemplating taxes in any way we bristle. We should cutting taxes at this point pretty much always. That is the truly "progressive" disposition. Automate what government is absolutely necessary and get with the 21st Century. Cut agencies. Cut payrolls. Cut taxes.

(From ATR)
Since they’ve controlled the House since 2011, Republicans maintained a rule requiring any bill that increases federal income taxes to have the support of three-fifths majority of Congress.
Democrats are proposing to abolish this rule.

These people do not change. They think you don't own your money. They think they have a claim on the bread you've earned and which sustains you and your family. They think they can distribute your bread to their constituencies to further their careers. That is the harsh reality.