• Nick Sorrentino

Dershowitz: Mueller Provoking New Crimes Rather than Uncovering Past Crimes

We know many of you hate Trump. You guys really do think he is some sort of monster. We know that many of you buy the highly biased (some would call it propaganda) that flows out of outlets like CNN and MSNBC hook line and sinker. We know you desperately want to "get" Trump.

You folks are silly. Trump's just a president. He's about as offensive as Obama was as far as we're concerned and at least, unlike Obama, Trump has SOME sense of how this country works. Sorry if you don't like his "tone". If it offends you that's YOUR problem. (We say this and we are by no means on any Trump train.)

He's way off on many things, he's way too big government, but he is solidly better than Obama was in pretty much every way. This isn't really a subjective statement. Objectively speaking, looking at what Trump has accomplished and what he's failed at, he's clearly better than Obama who seemed clueless to the spirit of the USA to folks outside of the Obama cult. He is better than Obama in most respects even though Trump can still often still be pretty bad. Obama with his preaching and general disconnect from the country was just particularly awful. Of course the official media outlets won't say this...We mean Obama was really GREAT! Not a threat to the country at all...Really sharp. Obama didn't stoke unnecessary tribalistic fires and seek to undermine the Constitution in any way. HE was the bee's knees.

Alan Dershowitz is a liberal lawyer who has consistently told it straight on Trump. As far as we can tell he has been intellectually honest in a time when many of his longtime allies have abandoned honesty in the name of getting Orange Man.

(From The Gatestone Institute)
Even if Mueller could prove that members of the Trump team had colluded with Julian Assange to use material that Assange had unlawfully obtained, that, too, would not be a crime.
Merely using the product of an already committed theft of information is not a crime. If you don't believe me, ask the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian and other newspapers that used material illegally obtained by Assange with full knowledge that it was illegally obtained.
In the end, Mueller should be judged by how successful he has been in satisfying his central mission. Judged by that standard and based on what we now know, he seems to be an abysmal failure.

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