• Nick Sorrentino

DOJ says: End of Mueller probe as soon as next week

Hopes were so high...

How does it go do you think? Will there be any actual "bombshells" in the report? Will Mueller Time be all that the "resist"ers had hoped? Funny that CNN against seems to have the inside line, again, with Mueller developments.

(From The Hill)
The network reported that Barr could receive the report from Mueller by as soon as next week. It said the exact timing of Barr’s announcement could change, as the Justice Department is cautious of not interfering with President Trump's upcoming summit with North Korea...
...The conclusion of the investigation would likely be heralded as a victory by Trump, who has repeatedly derided the probe. He most recently attacked the investigation in a tweet Sunday, calling it “totally conflicted, illegal and rigged” and claiming that it “should never have been allowed to begin.”

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