• Nick Sorrentino

Donald Trump 'orders immediate and full withdrawal of US troops from Syria', Neocons fret

Anadolu is a Turkish news agency. Screenshot from earlier today.

Well, excellent. This is a good idea. It also indicates that something significant (more significant than a US pullout) may be in the offing. (That looks to be the case.)

What's left of the staff over at The Weekly Standard (the now dead neoconservative policy journal) must be freaking out right now.

(From The Telegraph)
Donald Trump plunged America’s Middle East policy into chaos on Wednesday as he declared the the Islamic State (Isil) had been “defeated” and reportedly ordered a complete withdrawal of US forces from Syria.
The shock decision to pull out US troops was immediately criticised by his own Republican allies as a “huge” mistake and his declaration of victory over Isil was openly contradicted by the British government. 
Republicans warned the withdrawal would jeopardise the fight against Isil and undermine US hopes of countering Iran’s influence in Syria. It may also embolden Turkey to launch a major offensive against America's Kurdish allies in northern Syria. 

In fact neocons all over (Washington DC mostly) are freaking out. How dare Trump remove troops from Syria? Why would he do this? Doesn't he know that once the USA is somewhere in the Middle East it stays - forever?

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