• Nick Sorrentino

Elizabeth Warren's Other Cherokee Scandal: Her Fight Against Tribal Sovereignty

If there is any group in this country that continues to be systematically discriminated against and in some ways flat out exploited by the US government it is American Indians. Many American Indian communities have become completely dependent on a US government that not so long ago conquered them. And the government has treated the American Indian, over and over, as a conquered people.

(From Mises)
Warren’s indifference to the cause of tribal sovereignty appeared again this year with a vote on the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act.  
The issue here was whether tribal-owned businesses should be forced to follow federal labor laws on collective bargaining. The issue has been a major one for a number of American tribes, upset that tribal governments are subjected to labor laws that state and federal governments are exempt from.

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And because I can I am posting my favorite pro-Indian, pro-liberty rock song produced by a band who avowed socialism back in the day. (Because there are so many pro-Indian, pro-liberty rock songs made by commies.)