• Nick Sorrentino

Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Signs Bill Authorizing $750 Million in Subsidies to Amazon

Of course he does. Who knows how long Northam's going to be around? Amazon wants this deal signed, sealed, and with taxpayers on the hook.

(From Reason)
The subsidy bill signed into law by Northam today, while sizable, is far less than some of the other subsidy deals offered by other states and municipalities in their desperate bid to lure Amazon to town.
One of the last acts of Chris Christie's tenure as governor of New Jersey was to sign a bill greenlighting $5 billion in incentives should Amazon set up shop in the Garden State. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan floated a similarly sized $5 billion incentive package in January 2018.
The fact that Amazon passed on these more generous bids suggests that the subsidies signed by Northam today were not all that necessary.
"At the end of the day, it suggests that even New York City and Virginia and Nashville didn't really need to offer those subsidies, because Amazon is chasing other factors," Michael Farren, a research fellow at the Mercatus Center, a free market think tank housed at George Mason University, told Reason's Eric Boehm back in November 2018.

Anyone else think it's weird that Bezos bought the Washington Post, is now headquartering much of Amazon in Washington DC, and has a $600,000,000 cloud deal with the CIA?

Seems kinda weird.