• Nick Sorrentino

Employer withholding hides the true pain of taxes for taxpayers

Employers should not be tax collectors. They are because the taxers, the government, would prefer the pain of taxes be hidden. If "dues" are paid right off the top the employee never gets the silly idea that the money was his or hers in the first place. And that is absolutely the point.

(From The Washington Times)
Most Americans don’t realize how much they pay in taxes. Proponents of this system argue that withholding is the only way for the government to raise enough tax revenue without people crying foul.
They are exactly right. And it’s a shame.
Receiving refunds at the end of the year, instead of having to write a check, has the pernicious effect of deluding many taxpayers into thinking that the government is paying them rather than the other way around.
And this comforting delusion makes people less engaged in the democratic process, enabling taxes and spending to get out of control.

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