• Nick Sorrentino

Enviros stage sit in in Pelosi's office, Reject old leader, Want "Green New Deal"

You see Pelosi isn't statist enough for these folks. The representative from San Francisco, land of Che Guevara Day, and a key architect of Obamacare is not far enough Left. These young people say they want a "Green New Deal". So we assume that means what? Massive and deeply wasteful works projects that do nothing for the economy and further addict the average person to the state? Great. Sounds wonderful. (Not to worry they're sure it will all work out and create a shining new future for all - who comply.)

It's like the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks in the Democratic Party right now. A power struggle over the GREAT ANTI TRUMP.

I remember thinking as a kid how it was that so many people let themselves fall under the spell of the National Socialists (the Nazis) and the International Socialists years ago. How was it that so many people could take leave of common sense and follow these foolish political philosophies? How could a people let Hitler or Stalin or Mao rise to power?

But now I understand. Economic dislocation, plus economic, political, and historical ignorance, plus lots of free time, plus peer pressure. Mix it all together and take a deep whiff of utopian statism.

Ah yes. The smell of repression and oppression in the name of a "better world". Coincidentally it also smells like the death of the human spirit. But yay socialism!

Image: Twitter

"Green jobs for all". Now that doesn't have disaster written all over it. It is dangerous when the ignorant gain power. That is what we see right here.