• Nick Sorrentino

EU Rules: In Europe Sharia law now trumps free speech?

The current alliance between political Islam and the far Left is an odd thing to behold. Generally both camps hold western values in contempt. Generally also the two camps are anti-free speech. One wonders if the far Left really has thought this alliance out however.

But whatever to undermine western bourgeois sensibilities we suppose.

(From The National Review)
Europeans are free to say only what they are permitted to say by the unelected judges of the European courts. Truth is irrelevant. As the jurists reasoned in the case of Mrs. S., a person’s freedom to assert facts must be assessed in “the wider context” that balances “free” expression against — I kid you not — “the right of others to have their religious feelings protected,” as well as “the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace.”

In other words if the facts upset a powerful enough political constituency, say the political Islam movement, you may not say them in Europe. "Ms. S" merely pointed out that Mohamed took a wife of 7 years old when he was 50. This is recorded in the Koran. Yet this bit of information is inconvienient. Some find it annoying that non-Muslims are highlighting this about the founder of Islam. As such they've run to the courts. The courts sided with the people who were offended by facts.

The West is facing a very challenging moment. The Enlightenment is being challenged on all fronts. Reason is being challenged on all fronts. True LIBERALISM, you know, free markets and free minds, is under flat out assault from the PC brigades, to some degree by political Islam, and other interests including deeply statist China.

Respect for everyone should be the norm. But so should free speech. And speech comes first. If one can not handle free speech then it is not the obligation of society to bend free speakers to the will of the offended. Rather, it is up to the offended to counter the "offensive" speech with more speech, or to learn to ignore those they don't care for. That's what one does in a free society.

But there is a politically radicalized contingent that abhors freedom. They do not believe in the Enlightenment. The do not believe in reason. They do however believe in force and they are keen to employ it everywhere they can.

When reason is quashed totalitarianism soon flourishes.

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