• Nick Sorrentino

Federalist: The Covington Catholic Students Deserve A Huge Apology From Everyone. I’ll Start

They do. If one watches the video these kids showed remarkable restraint.

They were being taunted and baited by a group of grown men, the "Black Israelites" in the worst way. Then a phony baloney Indian activist felt like he had to get in the face of a child in the hopes of creating an incident. That child, conscious of being recorded and also likely raised the right way stood his ground, said nothing, and allowed the phony baloney activist to continue his nonsense.

Many people owe these kids an apology including some big time news outlets and prominent journalists and celebrities, that and who, frankly will be lucky if they aren't sued.

(From The Federalist)
The real story emerged from the alternative press, one of the finest coming from the folks over at Reason, here. This one from a liberal mom at The Atlantic is encouragingly good also. (Her son’s initial suspicion is a hopeful sign about youngsters being raised by liberal parents today.) These two (here and here) are excellent scoldings.
The boys, not the instigators, were the assaulted, and the Native-American gentleman wasn’t the victim he and others made himself out to be. He seems to not have been a truth-teller either. There had been a great deal of nasty behavior going on for some time from a great many adults on the scene, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence in the larger footage of the skirmish that the boys did much of anything ugly to anyone.
In fact, even though teens, it looks like they conducted themselves more kindly and restrained than the others involved. This brings me to my purpose here. I want to apologize for following the pitch-forked crowd. I made a conclusion about these boys that put them in the worst possible light.

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