• Nick Sorrentino

Fired jornos told to 'learn to code', Are upset, But were unconcerned when miners told to do same

Buzzfeed deserves what it gets. After offering itself up as a conduit for the to date debunked "Trump dossier", and after falsely reporting that David Cohen was told by Trump to lie to Congress (even Mueller had to come out and say this was fake news), and after years of statist whiney wallowing in the gutter, some of the fired journalists at Buzzfeed are offended that people are telling them to "learn to code".

A job loss is tramatic. It is not something one wishes on almost anyone. However the smug hyper-SJW segment of the online press waxed for years about how those stupid people in flyover country needed to change, find new jobs, or just accept that their lives were now worthless. Might as well pick up an oxycodone habit and settle into their rural "white trash" ghettos. You know, until they ODed.

And the now the Buzzfeed kids are upset?

(From Newsbusters)
But how about when the New York Times sends that same “learn to code” message to laid-off coal miners? Victims in part of Obama-era environmental regulations, those mining jobs are routinely dismissed as long gone by journalists, and the out-of-work miners are often pointed toward the technology sector by the Brooklyn-based go-getters who write for outlets like the Times. In other words, the coal miners are told to “learn to code” by journalists who aren't overly concerned about regulation’s effect on jobs in coal country.